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This inspiring short is a beautifully rendered reminder that social media engagement is actually disengagement from life in real time. The video, by Gary Turk, has been popping up on my newsfeed for the last three days now on Facebook. I’ve finally decided to sit down and watch it and see why everyone’s sharing it.

This video demonstrates the importance of being offline as much as we are online. When we online and looking down at screens we’re missing out on the offline pleasures and experiences that life has to offer us. As engaging and enhancing ICT’s make our lives we’re also becoming socially isolated. As … says; although we’re participating in an online group conversation it’s dis-engaging and emotionless as we type what we’re talking in isolation. We’re missing out on the opportunity to actively smile and laugh at our friends jokes, instead of typing “hahaha” without actively smiling behind that screen.

It’s an important note to make in our future educating of ICT’s that students must spend just as much time offline as they do online. For if we sit behind computer screens all day what sort of society are we producing for the future? A society of emotionless, socially isolated, anti-social alienated individuals who’re missing out on the true essence of life!

We all know we need to be offline as much as we are online, so let’s get out there and do something that doesn’t involve a technological gadget or the internet. Be spontaneous, be daring and risk the world with ICTs for a change…

Excuse me now whilst I go spend our first winter’s night around the fire in our backyard with the family…


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  1. Reblogged this on Renee's Blog and commented:
    This video has been making the rounds on Facebook lately and its worth the watch. The video describes the importance of being offline and disconnecting from technology. An important point taken from the video is to just look up and stop focusing on your phone as you can miss things that are happening around you. I’m definitely going to try to not use my phone as much as I usually do.


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