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FORMSPRING… Not a Fan!!!

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Formspring is a question-and-answer-based social networking service for social conversations operated by, Inc.

I’ve never had an account for myself but that’s based on what I saw via Facebook about this site. Facebook allowed people to share their pages’ link and questions, when I clicked on these pages the questions being asked and statements that were being made were rude and negative in my opinion. I personally didn’t’ want to be involved in a world of negativity where people are prying personal information out of you. It was a cowards world where they could anonymously asked confronting questions that they felt uncomfortable doing face-to-face with that person. In personal opinion and experience I watched arguments unfold over Facebook because of things that had been asked, answered or stated via Formspring. Yes, the whole he said, she said arguments.

I feel that social networking sites such as Formspring are a misuse of technology and the internet, as it’s a gateway to cyebr bullying and a negative space for rude cowards. This misuse of technology and internet is not what we want to be condoning for the next generation, educators should be exposing the negatives of these sorts of spaces in hopes that people won’t use them for the wrong purposes.


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