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Digital Ownership…. Poor Fran

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At first I was ready to respond to the learning paths question of whether re-blogging was a misuse of technology… I automatically thought; “NO!? re-blogging is excellent, I’m reading other people’s thoughts and sharing their knowledge and wisdom with my followers!!!” Then I read Christina Bradleys perspective of re-blogging that they’d discussed during class and my own perspective has changed. As Christina has said, some people are only re-blogging people’s work to adhere to the course requirements and get their word counts up, an easy 5/5. “That’s not very fair…” I thought, “I re-blog people’s posts to recognise their ideas and share their findings with my followers, making full recognition to the author… This is what everyone should be doing, Right? Whilst adhering to the course requirements…”
Therefore, re-blogging does and can become a misuse of technology as we’re urging students to plagiarise other peoples work, claiming other people’s hard worked hours of thoughts and findings as their own. That is not fair and we’re certainly not using technology correctly.

On a positive I find the idea of blogging an excellent idea and way for students share information with others. Perhaps instead of requesting re-blogging students should only be commenting and discussing another’s blog post, which could then be posted to their pages. That would be a fair outcome in my opinion in accordance to Christina’s question.

Christina Bradley

In class today, a fellow student stated that someone had re blogged her post. Dimensions of Learning Framework by Fran Gemmell was re posted by another student without any comments about how this was relevant to them as a student for a learning perspective or how it could be applied to them . We discussed, whether their re posting would contribute to their word count and required posts and whether other students were doing the same in order to meet the requirements of this course.

This got me thinking about the ownership of digital work online. Digital Ownership is defined as proprietary rights over virtual assets (Collins English Dictionary, 2000). The blog that was created by Fran and was a reflection of her learning. Applying the definition of Digital Ownership to Fran’s blog it is clear that this blog belonged to Fran. The question that we have to ask ourselves…

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