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Virtual Excursions

A fair few weeks ago in my History and Geography course at the University of Southern Queensland, my tutor Katie Burke took us on a virtual excursion! Without leaving Hervey Bay, Without leaving the classroom, Without even getting out my seat I was taken on a tour of the Canberra National Museum. That’s right I was taken to Canberra without even moving!
Using a webcam, data projector, internet and a laptop and the museums robot we were able to have virtual access to Canberra’s museum. Further yet the museum used an outstanding, futuristic ICT as we navigated through the museum via a robot! Through the internet and laptop we were able to be connected through to the Canberra Museum’s robot who navigated us throughout the tour, we could hear and see the tour guide via a webcam and the data projector in the classroom and finally we could ask questions and communicate with the tour guide via a microphone. It was truly amazing ICT rich excursion, learning experience and lesson.
A virtual excursion is most definitely something I’d consider in my future classroom. Another major benefit of the virtual excursion is the fact that it’s also cost-effective! The class was gobsmacked when Katie told us it was free! We found it hard to comprehend that we could either pay for a bus, meals, museum entry, tour guide and so much more OR we could do it all virtually for free! This would be an amazing ICT rich excursions and lesson for students who come from a low-socioeconomic background! Which is great to know…

The following video shares some of my experiences from that lesson.


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