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It’s how baby’s come out now days…

This advertisement video popped up on my facebook last night and I thought it related to this blog and course brilliantly! It captures the idea of the next generation who’s driven by technology. By the age of three, toddlers are navigating their way through IPads and IPods and playing the apps that Apple has to offer. Alot of these apps are eductaional aswell, so children are digitally learning about maths, literacy and developing their ability to read at an earlier age! It’s amazing stuff!

The baby in this advertisment though, somewhat takes the “micky,” out of todays next upcoming generation of kids and the technology society has to offer. The baby’s doing everything from taking a selfie with the nurse, to YouTubing his birth live, he’s even navigating his way around the hospital. So there’s also another message, how much we rely on technology in the society we live in today. Technology makes life easier and the next generation is picking it up faster than the last. For example I was in Ipswich visiting my Aunty on the weekend and she was trying to navigate me by word of mouth, at first, as to the fastest way home (via which motorway, who knows!?). Anyways… word of mouth wasn’t getting through to me, I have no idea when it comes to the names or numbers of motorways and streets in brisbane… So she pulled out the referdex, I looked at that and went nahhhh it’s ok I’ll just use the Maps App on my phone… Much easier, Much quicker, the referdex was not worth the hassle… I had no idea how to use the referdex let alone use it to navigate my way out of Bribsane!!!

Some people would argue, gone are the days of riding bikes and playing in dirt! But hey, the video is merely a good laugh in my opinion… 😉


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  1. Reblogged this on Emileigh Rice and commented:
    It’s a bit funny how up with technology kids are. I see it everyday as I work in a Telstra Store. Kids will come in and to keep them entertained we give them a tablet where they pat Ginger (our friendly kitty on an app that says hello to everyone). I have sat with customers that have children that are under the age of 2 playing with these devices and knowing what to do. It is incredible. Kids are very clued and switched on to technology! If they can do it then we can too, where do you think kids learn this from? US.

  2. Reblogged this on Brenna Jane94 and commented:
    What an excellent find, Kayla!It really does illustrate how technologically advanced children of the future will be. Earlier this year, I worked out west for three weeks as a governess. My host’s youngest daughter was only two and she was TEACHING ME how to navigate through her mum’s iPad. I was blown away by her skills. There’s a post on Facebook that claims that most two year old’s today will know how to operate iPones and iPads whereas, when I was two, I was mastering the art of eating dirt.


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