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ICT’s During My Lessons..

Villemard is a French artist from the 1900s who produced a series of images of what the future will look like. The image below depicts an educational setting where the teacher appears to be loading books (knowledge) into a machine that disperses it amongst the students in the classroom.

Villemard is also depicting Substitution, where he uses a technology to do his job for him, he uses a technology because it’s there and accessible, he doesn’t use the technology to enhance the learning experience and engage his students… As discussed in the learning path this week;

Using ICTs as a substitue – for example, using an Interactive White Board (IWB) just like a normal white board – isn’t a tremendously effective application of ICTs. Think about how ICTs can be used to enhance and change what you and your students are doing.

ICT’s must be used to enhance a learning experience and engage students. Therefore using an interactive whiteboard like a regular whiteboard is useless… In a previous practical experience I used an interactive whiteboard for students to highlight important parts of texts as I taught them how to take notes and collect the most important information in texts, as well as comprehend and find answers within texts. I used the interactive whiteboard to enhance the lesson as students could visually see as a whole class what we were highlighting and why. I used the interactive whiteboard to engage students to gather up the courage to show myself and the rest of the class where to highlight the text and explain why they were doing it. Everyone wanted a go!!! 

We need to strive against Villemard’s predictions for our present day and even the future of education. We must use ICT’s to our advantage to enhance and engage students during their learning experiences.

ImageFor the rest of Villemards images GO HERE.



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