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Holiday musings- ICT and Indigenous Pedagogy

This is an excellent blog post from Danielle! I’ve done numerous assignments throughout university that look at how we can get Indigenous children to school! How can we encourage Indigenous students to come to school? And once we get them there, how will we engage them to keep them there? This blog post’s answer, that I strongly agree with, is ICT’s! Indigenous students along with all children regardless of their culture or nationality want to learn by using ICTs in the classroom. Kids want to use and experiment with the latest gadget the world and our societies have to offer! It’s something new, it’s something exciting!

EDC3100 - Danielle Chapman


On the holidays I was very fortunate to spend time with some of our dear friends. At this time they were fostering 3 gorgeous little Aboriginal children. They were primary school age but have missed out a lot of school. However what they lacked in literacy and numeracy skills they made up with in infectious smiles and bubbling personalities. They got me thinking about how I would approach planning for differentiation if I were their teacher. I turned to my old friend ICT’s for some possible answers.

I found this video called Voices from The Cape from the website Teachers TV. While it did not provide a specific answer to my above question it gave a magnificent example of how ICT’s are engaging students from Aurukun Community School. This school has the lowest attendance record of any school in QLD. This had been the case for many generations so the current…

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