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Teaching pedagogy? Well it’ll be ICT for ME!

Based on my practical experience and this course I am being influenced more and more to use ICT’s in my classroom for my student’s learning experiences. ICT’s are being proved over and over again to engage and enhance students learning experience. As a future educator this course has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of using ICT’s in the classroom. We can use everything from IPads, to Computers to Cameras, to enhance assessment, learning activities and student’s capabilities. ICT’s allows for differentiation in the classroom. My last two assessments have looked at dealing with students who have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and how ICT engages the students and enhances their learning experience in the classroom.Children with ASD usually have fixation on parts of objects, allowing them to focus through a “tunnel,” which means they’re able to focus on ICT gadgets like computers, as they’re fixated to the screen, blocking out all distractions (Murphy, 2013). Because the computer and ICT gadgets allow them to block out all distractions their learning is enhanced. ICT allows for differentiation and multiple intelligences to be accommodated for all students in the classroom and accommodating students needs is vitally important as it’s how we get students to portray the best of their abilities and individual talents.

ICT will most definitely be incorporated in my teaching style and pedagogy in the future, I can only see benefits for my students when it comes to deciphering whether to use ICTs in the classroom’s learning experiences.




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