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I agree and can justify that Teacherkit is a great app! I experimented and used this app during my last practical experience, I noted all the children I had in my class and I kept behavioural notes on them. I kept both positive and negative notes on their behaviour. This was an excellent resource even for a university student and aspiring teacher, like myself. I was able to use these notes to refer to in behaviour management classes and their assessments. I also think that, as a future educator this would be an excellent resource for teachers to refer to when it comes to events such as parent-teacher meetings and interviews. The teacher is able to justify students behaviours based on records taken on a day-to-day basis, as necessary.

Emileigh Rice


What an awesome find! TeacherKit allows you to create a class and add each of your students to the class. Once clicking on the student you can then add parent contact information, their behaviour for the day as well as attendance and grade reports. This app would be fantastic to have when it comes to report cards. You could easily pull up each student and have a recorded data on their behaviour as well as adding grades to the application and save those trees! If you buy the full version of the app it will even do all the graphing and data for you – as teachers any times savers are life savers!

Check it out – definitely could be useful!

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