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I juts participated in this weeks digital photography activity, I took a panorama photo of the weather in my backyard as you can see below and sent it off! This got me thinking… How can I use digital photography in my future classroom?

Digital photography is one of the easiest, most accessible and most productive uses of ICTs to enhance student learning in a range of contexts.

This website gives numerous ideas as to what we can do in the classroom with digital photography. The site discusses lesson ideas such as;

  • ART: Drawing caricatures and placing them over students faces in photographs.
  • SCIENCE: Documenting by photographing sciences inquiries and experiments
  • ENGLISH: Enhance a news report by placing in students very own photographs they’ve taken.
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Taking photos of students to make charts on a welcome door, creating memory year books, documenting excursions, sporting carnival events and so on.

Digital photography is mainly used for documenting and capturing events or processes, but its an engaging way to get students to collect evidence to evaluate and justify in a number of subject areas within the education setting.

So how could I enhance and use the beginning of the activity I began in the learning path this week? If every child took a photo, or brought in a photo of weather that they’ve experienced, we can compare them and their geographical location whilst integrating English components of comprehending texts and images. Students can use digital photographs to discuss, reflect, justify and evaluate their ideas and thoughts on the image. For example… Do you think it’s raining in this image because it’s within a tropical area? How can you tell it’s a tropical area? Why is the sky a mix of orange, pink, purple and blue? So has this image been taken during the morning or afternoon?

Digital Photography is a great tool to enhance and engage students in learning experiences in any and all areas of their educational setting.







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