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At what levels do your ICT-based learning experiences fit within the SAMR framework?

At what levels do your ICT-based learning experiences fit?

From assessment two I can justify that the assessment task and learning experiences to accompany the unit of work apply to the SAMR model that’s talked about and covered throughout the course EDC3100.


  • The students must design a new or improved renewable energy source. At first I was going to have the students hand-draw their plans and models. Then I discovered SketchUp, a digital technological computer programme where students can design and create a 3D plan and model.


  • The students use IPad apps to demonstrate that they can apply their knowledge and understanding of renewable energy sources by making buildings and whole communities more energy efficient.
  • Students use a blog to share and communicate their knowledge and understanding throughout the unit plan and reflect on their learning experiences in the classroom.
  • YouTube videos are used to re-explain content, concepts and skills differently. Image

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