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TEACHING CHANNEL: Great Teaching, Inspiring Classrooms.

The “teaching channel,” is a space on the internet where teachers can share and blog ideas and strategies they use in their classrooms. You can search for their posts within categories; year level, subject or topics like class culture, or there is also a search bar to really refine your search! I find this site really useful especially for this subject! The Teacher Channel’s blog is also an interesting read! I urge you to go check it out!!!




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  1. Reblogged this on EDC 3100 ICT & Pedagogy and commented:
    Kayla this is great!! I have been looking everywhere to find something like this. I find it is so good to gather ideas and thoughts about what other teachers have done in their classrooms. It’s even better that you can search by year level and subject too. I believe more and more teachers should share their work and lesson ideas to help pre-teachers like ourselves start gathering ideas before we head out into the real world of teaching. It is also good to see and discover how other peoples way of taken certain lessons. I think as a teacher this is very helpful and broaden your thoughts in becoming a better teacher. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 for those who haven’t seen this I suggest check it out.


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