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Creating Authors in your Classroom…

This online article, “Toronto students write, publish their own books,” talks about how a teacher motivated and engaged her students during English as she provides them a purpose to write in her classroom.

When two students told the teacher that they wanted to be authors when they grow up, she questioned “why not now?” The teacher jumped online and found the website STUDENT TREASURES, that allows tecahers to receive one free publishing kit and parental permission slips allowing students to get their own kits, to ultimately publish their first and very own hard cover books!

This teaching strategy provided students the opportunity;

– to have a voice

– to create meaningful texts

– of purpose to compose texts for an English assessment

– for goals, the students would be able to actively see what they’ve produced and keep it forever

– to become an authentic author



I would most certainly use this assessment idea and teaching approach in my classroom as it provides the above reasons for students to participate in an English class/ lesson. It gets everyone involved, from students to parents, to other staff in the school, to admin and people in the wider community. This idea allows students choice as well in what they’re most compassionate to write about.

To read about the article go to:


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