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Scared of Facebook Now?

Scared of Facebook Now?

You’re dared to “Take this Lollipop,” so you click on it…
You’re taken on a digital movie tour down a dark hall way and presented with a sweaty, old, man dressed in a dirty white singlet and jeans. He’s on a computer, But what is he looking at?
Facebook… Types in a password and clicks account.
WHAT?! That’s my account? He goes through your photos, tends to like what he sees… He scrolls through my profile… He still likes what he sees…
He now looks rattled… What is he thinking about?
The screen flicks back to his computer screen where he’s typing in the town I live in on Google maps. From the locations of my posts he tracks down where I live…
The screen flicks again, he’s in a car driving. He looks like a maniac- someone I wouldn’t ever want to meet and greet that’s for sure!
The car pulls up… What’s that? A picture, my profile picture taped to his dashboard.
Where is he?! Is he coming for me?
The man get’s out, closes the door and walks purposefully away from the car holding some sort of sharp object…

The website suggests that this man is coming for me. It get’s a little scary, it’s confronting and most definitely get’s me thinking and questioning what I’ve been posting on Facebook in the last few days. The website shows just how easy it is to track down someone’s location based on the posts they’ve uploaded onto their social network site… It’s scary stuff to see how easy it was to track me down based on the posts and the information of Hervey Bay being my hometown…

The website gains permission from you to access your Facebook account to portray a visual video that shows your digital footprint on Facebook. It’s very confronting which is why I’m pitching it to my follower’s; do you think this online resource is a good way to show middle to/or high school students their digital footprint and how easy it is to track someone down based on it? Or is it just too much?
Further yet if we show this site to students will they go home and show their parents, resulting in their parents not allowing their child to access the internet based on the confronting thought and images they’ve seen?

Even if it’s not appropriate for a classroom setting; it really get’s you thinking about your digital footprint!!!

Give it a go yourself! If you click on the above picture you’ll be linked to the website itself;


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  1. Reblogged this on EDC 3100 ICT & Pedagogy and commented:
    Wow, this is so scary 😦 I was showing my mum about this, this morning and she was so shocked. She is also a user of Facebook and it really opened her eyes as well as mine. I think this is a great awareness to show students, probably more appropriate for high school students. Even I was too scared to watch this. But, too much these days are children putting too much of their details and inappropriate photos uploaded to Facebook. Status such as, where you are going on a holiday to and now being able to add your location. Others who write, ‘I’m at home by myself bored’ don’t realise they are putting themselves in danger.
    This is a great way to raise awareness for students. Thankyou Kayla for sharing this 🙂


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