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Digital Footrpints… Again? YES! It’s an important part of ICT’s Education!!!!

SO a few posts ago I spoke about a digital footprint. If you’re sitting at home, late at night, trying to work out how to spark the engagement in your classroom about this whole “digital footprint” notion… Check out this video! I think it’d be a great introductory video to get your class thinking and questioning what a digital footprint is and what sort of digital footprint they’re leaving in our technological world of the internet! It’s got some great key words! A digital footprint allows your work online to be; searched, copied, shared, broadcasted and PERMANENT!

I think the main message to get across to the class is that their work online is permanent, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to delete a post or your work online it can still be tracked down. I believe that this idea of “everything being permanent online,” is the education that we need to get across to students so that they fully understand the dangers of the internet.

We want to educate children how to use the internet educationally but we also know they’ll use it socially. I mean, really, how many middle and high school kids don’t have or don’t want to be apart of online social networks like Facebook? Not many… We need to provide an education on the social aspects of the internet and guide them with how to use it safely and wisely!


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