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Health and Physical Education OR ICT’s? Why don’t we do both?!


The “PE Geek,” is a teacher who travels all aroudn the world and currently has 500,000 followers. His blog discusses multiple ICT resources he uses in his health and physical education lessons. He posts atleast once a week and provides so many resources it’s crazy! The blog also puts the idea to rest of; “Get off that technological gagdet device thingy and go outside and play!” Well HEY! “Why don’t we do both?!”


Although I don’t specialise in HPE, I’m intrigued on what ICT resources he has to offer, discuss and blog about.  The blog amkes me question and think about how I could incorporate both ICT’s and HPE in any given subject. The PE Geek posted a video,
“10 things to do with one IPad in the classroom.”

I could add hundreds of more apps to this list that cross-over a number of subjects that can enhance the students learning experience in the classroom. I think it’s amazing that someone out there is fighting for both ICT’s and a healthy physical lifestyle in children’s education. We need to be teaching students not only how to use multiple tehcnologies sitting down, under a roof and in the cool air con; but to also be able to use technology to enhance their physical skills and promote a healthy lifestyle. Technology isn’t out there to create a “fat nation,” if you will, rather an evolving generation who’re educated to use tehcnology to enhance our lives in all aspects. YES! Even the healthy and physical…



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