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Welcome/Elimination Draw

I was in Ashleigh’s group when we discussed the topic “Why is it important for teacher’s to learn about ICT’s pedagogy?” We came up with so many reasons (as you can see on the far left), as to why we should integrate ICT’s into the classroom. We eventually came to the conclusion that ICT’s must be incorporated into the classroom to engage students with new technologies that society has to offer, in a safe environment where students can explore the benefits these technologies have to offer.
Ashleigh also provides a link to where you can access your own elimination draw to use in the classroom to get your kids thinking!

Blog of Ashleigh B.

Hello, first I would like to say welcome to my blog. This blog is for the purpose of reflecting not only on the course work in EDC3100, but also to review ICT resources and communicate this with my peers. I am a third year Primary Education student, with an enjoyment of ICT’s in the classroom. I find that ICT will often be integrated into my lessons without this being the primary intent, something that I am glad I can do for my students.


This week in the tutorial for EDC3100 we completed an elimination draw to answer the question: Why is it important for teachers to learn about ICT’s pedagogy?

This question we discovered, in small groups, can result in a wide range of answers! The elimination draw allowed us to narrow our ideas down to one sentence. Our final answer looked at the safety of students when using…

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