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SAMR Model- Moving from Enhancing students learning to Transforming students learning. Does Khan Academy (Online Resource) do this?

Khan Academy is an American, online learning resource for students in mathematics. The resources provide videos for everything children learn in the area of mathematics. For example watch the video above for adding negative numbers in 7th grade mathematics. These videos provide another perspective and new ways to explain mathematic concept and skills to students. It can be hard for a teacher to work out how to “re-explain” some mathematic concepts when they can only find “one way” to explain the new knowledge they’re teaching. So if you can’t do it, why not find an engaging video, online resource where someone else can provide a new perspective for children. Children learn in more ways than one after all…

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In relation to the SAMR Model I can delve into and portray the quality of Khan Academy online resources. The SAMR Model looks at not only enhancing students learning but transforming it as well. We can enhance students learning using ICTs, but how do we ensure this enhancement is transforming their new knowledge’s into understandings?

S Substitution: The same task, but new technology replaces the old technology.

Khan Academy is providing a new way of explaining the same concept that children are learning in class. We’re replacing the teacher’s explaining and discussing with a video demonstration and explanation of the same concept. We use new technology to allow a new explanation of the same concept by someone different.

A Augmentation: Same task that increases functionality.
Khan Academy provides the same concept but presents the new learning in a different way and perspective for the learners in the classroom. For some children, the ones who need it, the resource will provide functionality for them as they can now see and understand what they’re learning about, as it’s been re-presented in a new context.

M Modification: Redesign parts of the text.
In one sense parts of the context are re-designed as they’re explained differently from a new perspective of explaining ant given mathematical concept.

R Redefinition: Create new tasks, ones that’re unimaginable.
The next step is to provide students new tasks to see if Khan Academy has helped children transform their new understanding into practical situations where they have problems to answer.

Therefore the online resource “Khan Academy,” most definitely enhances the learning experience in the classroom, but it will take a little more work before children’s new knowledge’s are transformed.


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