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Using Scootle to Find Online and Offline Resources for the classroom!

Using Scootle to Find Online and Offline Resources for the classroom!

Scootle is a website that teachers can sign up to for a range of free resources that can be used in the classroom. The main reason I’m all for Scootle is the fact that it provides so many learning games that children can access via the internet and a laptop or computer.

I have chosen one resource to talk about. I’ve focused on an online mathematics game that allows students to participate in a number of different activities where they can practice their skills and capabilities. The online resource is for year three students for mathematics: Geometry and measurement. The activities involve students; identifying 3D shapes, working with area and perimeter problems, exploring problems with two-way tables in statistics and data, describing shapes, as well as various activities to do with graphs, tessellations, various measurements and outcomes.

The resource could be referred to all year round in a year three class. Students can learn and develop new skills off the computer in their classroom setting and then refer to the resource to practice what they’ve learnt to further enhance their new knowledge in the specific mathematic area. It would also be a great “fast finishers” activity to refer to during the year, as students finish their work they can silently go on with these activities.  


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