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Technological Change “Use technology rather than be used by it” – Postman 1998

This post made me think of the teacher who’s too afraid to use technology after emma quoted; “Take a look at the picture at the beginning of this post, we all know the wheel was invented, do we consider it technology? I don’t, but at some point the wheel would have been a new and unknown item with limits to exceed and people to alter and create all new bits and pieces to go with this wheel.” Even though technology is something of the unknown to you, you need to get to know how to use it; you don’t know how useful this new tool could be in the near or far future for yourself and even for your students!!!




Back in 1998 an American teacher named Neil Postman delivered a talk about the five things we need to know about technological change. Within this talk he makes five reasonably valid points regarding what he believes is the reality of developing new technologies and how this effects the world as we know (now knew) it. These points include:

1- Culture always pays a price

2- There are winners and losers

3- Every new technology has a philosophy and powerful idea embedded

4- Technological change is NOT additive (at first I read this as ‘addictive’ and had a bit of a giggle), it is ecological

5- Technology is mythical 

Although I wrote a forum post based on #2 it was the last point suggesting that technology is mythical stood out for me personally. Take a look at the picture at the beginning of this post, we all know the…

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