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Simon Haughton’s “How to teach outstanding ICT”

Simon Haughton has created an e-book that discusses multiple ways a teacher can use ICT’s in their classroom and what they can do with ICT’s to teach students new technological skills in the classroom.

The resource is something very useful for a teacher who’s struggling with figuring out how they can incorporate ICT’s into their classroom or how they can enhance a lesson by using ICT’s. Haughton provides a number of engaging activities that will enhance students technological capabilities and skills.

I would use any and all of Haughton’s activities in my classroom as they’re engaging and provide my students an opportunity to enhance their technological skills and capabilities. I believe these technological skills, capabilities and experiences must be provided in the classroom as we’re preparing students for the real world. The real world/ society, will and do use all types of technologies on a day to day basis. We can’t escape the world of technology for it’s evolving every day. There’s continually a bigger (well in most cases smaller) and better computer’s, IPad’s, mobile phone’s, laptop’s, IPod’; there’s always a new and better everything that will make life easier! Technology is on the increase and isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Therefore we must prepare our children for this evolving technological world.

Click on the picture above to be linked to Simon Haughton’s e-book.


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