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I set myself a challenge and I found POWTOON!

So this weekend I set myself a challenge. I wanted to find a website that I could use in the classroom; I wanted to find a software tool that could somehow engage students. I googled and googled, till I found this website!

Powtoon is a tool where you can create multimedia presentations, enhanced with provided animations and cartoons. To experiment and work out how to use this technological tool I decided to make the above video, “10 Reasons why we should be using Multimedia in the classroom.”

Powtoon is really easy to use and it’s really fun. It’s most definitely something I would use and introduce into the classroom as it provides students; the opportunity to use technology to enhance their assessment, a new way to present information and presentations, and a fun and engaging activity and/ or assessment task.

The only negatives is that the free version can be restricting as it doesn’t offer all themes to play around with and I have to upload it to YouTube and wait for an email before I can download and save my own copy to the computer. Uploading to YouTube would most definitely be a challenge in the classroom due to Education Queensland blocking a lot of these sorts of sites, but you never know, I’m sure you could find a way around this!

Apart from the two negatives have a look at what I did with the free version!!! Enjoy watching it! And please go and check it out!


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  1. Kayla this is amazing! My husband walked in when I was watching this and I told him that a fellow student had found it on You Tube… then after I realised you had actually MADE this I yelled out to him and told him you had done it all yourself! It would be a really good tool as a teacher and yes the school site blocking thing may be an issue for now but who knows what will happen in a few years. You should be proud, it’s great.

  2. G’day Kayla, Seems you’ve been blogging up a storm doing lots of great stuff. FYI, I’ve just shared this with the EDC3100 Diigo group as an example of a tool/approach for assignment 1. David.

  3. Kayla, well done! I too found and am using it for my assignment. It is fun and it is fairly straight forward to use. The hardest part was saving it with a new name! Although I am yet to embed or publish it – fingers crossed I have as much success as you!

  4. Reblogged this on The weblog of Danielle Sager and commented:
    I too explored Powtoon and found it a really useful resource! I personally used it for one of my assignments and found it a very useful presentation tool. I too used the free version but I found it a great resource and it’s an added benefit being free!

    The website is easy to use and students would enjoy exploring the different settings and animations. As this blogger said, it could easily be used as tool for students to create an engaging assessment task. It could also be used by the teacher to engage students prior to a new learning experience.

    It is a great resource for the classroom!

  5. What a fantastic tool Kayla. I haven’t had a chance to have a play yet, but I have added it to the long list of those I want to have a go with when I get a chance. I can definitely see this being a useful addition to a classroom.


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