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How I Use My IPad in the Classroom…

How I Use My IPad in the Classroom...

The wonderful World of IPads!
I recently bought an IPad and I absolutely love it and so does my Mum as I struggle to take it off her in the middle of a vicious game of Candy Crush…
I was never interested in buying an IPad at first, I figured it was just a bigger version of my Iphone and well, I already have one of those! I had no intentions of buying one until my friends who’s just about to finish her Bachelor of Education described the wonders of her IPad and how she integrates it into her classroom and work during prac. After our long discussion, I went out gave Apple 800 of my hard earned dollars and bought a 16GB IPad 3.
Over the last 12 months I’ve found so many uses with my IPad, here’s a list…
• I write up and save all of my lesson plans using an app dedicated to lesson planning.
• I keep track of my weekly schedule using a time management/ diary app.
• I have downloaded a word doc. App to take notes of my mentor, their activities, behaviour management and classroom experiences whilst I’m on prac.
• If I get stuck on a lesson or I want to find something that will engage my students more I jump straight onto ITunes to find games and activities to do. There’s so many mathematics, literacies and reading comprehension games.
• Shared whole class reading time in the classroom can become engaging when I provide a virtual book using the IPad.
• During tutoring sessions that I conduct in my own personal time to better my teaching skills and abilities, I can use the IPad to help children understand concepts. This can be done by downloading mathematic games and apps to opening up safari and making them inquire and search for information.
• During lessons when my class have a question that neither I or them can answer we know to whip out Miss Tudman’s IPad and we can inquire and find the information using the internet.
• I can set a visible timer for the students to compete against during activities or provide a visual stimulus when working hard and fast during group work.
• I can even leisurely jump onto Facebook, Instagram, Online shopping websites and check my emails as I wind down at the end of the day!
This new piece of technology fully benefits myself personally, it teaches me to look at concepts in fun and enaging perspectives for in the classroom, it actively engages my students in the classroom, keeps record of lessons and practical experience notes, I can access information within the matter of seconds and so much more! It provides a truly amazing teaching and learning experience for myself and the students in my classroom!
Oh and my Mum? Well whilst I’ve been blogging about my experience with the IPad I’ve provided her with a spare 5 minutes too long and she’s just discovered the Wonderful World of Puzzles App, Great…


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  1. Reblogged this on Emileigh Rice and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more with Kayla, I use my iPad in the classroom for many many purposes. I have a lesson plan app that cost me a whole $2.99 and have used it everyday since I got it. My mentor teacher shared C2C lesson plans that I would download, add to my documents app and customise the lesson to suit the classroom. The lesson plan allows me to customise tabs (introduction, middle, end, main points, fast finishers ect.) and with a touch of a button I can refer to my C2C if necessary. I can use my iPad for both professional and personal uses and if it is such an effective tool for me in an educational setting, then just imagine if a children had one too?!


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