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Looking at Two of Postman’s Five Things to Know…


“For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage…”

I completely agree with this statement. For example… When I want to use laptops and/ or the internet in the classroom I know I’m going to have to keep an eye on the students. I must make sure that they stay on task and don’t stray towards the online games and Facebook that won’t enhance their learning experience. Of course the aim of the lesson is to allow students the opportunity to explore and investigate content and contexts using the internet and their laptops, but the lesson can turn unbeneficial very quickly when students stray and lose focus of the task at hand and explore the wrong things on the internet. My Resolution? Provide an inquiry lesson that students will be interested in exploring, how do I know what they’ll be interested in but? If you know your students and listen to them you’ll know what they’ll be interested in looking up and discovering things that they want to share with the class. Perhaps create a competition and rewards system where the groups with the most interesting or something that no one else found are rewarded.


“Every new technology benefits some and harms others.”

I believe technology can be harmful to those who don’t know their available devices or how to use them. For example, if you provide students a camera for a lesson but give them no objective, of course all they’re going to do is take photos of each other and work out who can pull the ugliest face. Whereas if we provide them a camera and inquire them to capture something in the school that fits the following criteria…

                Can you explore the schoolyard and find…

  1. something hard that is,
  2. round,
  3. but placed outside of roof, under the sun

We will be guaranteed that students will stay focused and come back to the classroom with real results. This could be a great lesson when studying shapes in mathematics and or location in geography!


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