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An Inquiry Question for myself, Answered with Research:

How do I plane on integrating ICTs and Pedagogy in my classroom?

Wikipedia defined Pedagogy as;

“the art and science of education,”

and ICT in education as;

“Information and  communication technologies in education referring to teaching and learning  subject matter enabling understanding the function and effective use of these technologies.”

Therefore how do we integrate the two in a classroom environment? In broad what’s a definition for integrating both ICTs and pedagogy within the classroom? To integrate these two means to teach your lessons using appropriate and purposeful ICTs in the classroom to engage and enhance students learning.

ICT’s can most definitely be incorporated in absolutely any lesson. From art lessons where students take photos, upload them onto the computer to graphically edit them, to mathematics lessons where students can actively create a number of digitalised graphs in half an hour compared to drawing one bar graph in half an hour.

It’s vitally important that when using these ICTs when teaching in the classroom they should provide purpose to the lesson. ICTs shouldn’t be provided just for the sake of it, with no purpose, for if they are we’re only encouraging and providing students the time and opportunity distract themselves from the given task. As Lloyd (2005) states; “it’s not the tool, it’s how use it that counts.”


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