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Using the T.E.S.T Frameowkr to Troubleshoot my ICT Issues!

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When students begin a task they need to consider what that task really is – the essential purpose. They need to know where, when, for whom that task must be completed. They must understand their own skill set and capability position (which might vary throughout even the day as they tire). And they must know the range of tools available to them – and how to use those tools.”

The T.E.S.T Framework can also help students to troubleshoot their problems… as done so below with my won problem during the beginning of the course EDC3100!


What   problem’s am I having?


Is   it because of where I am?


What   am I doing wrong and what are my options to solve this issue? Troubleshoot!


Let’s   try these solutions and see if they work!

I understand how to add a new post to my blog, so I go ahead and   blog, but when I hit “publish” nothing happens! I have no new blog on my   page, why?

At first I thought it was because I was just completely overwhelmed with   signing up on a millions sites for this course EDC3100! Ahhhhh! So I close my   blog for today (at uni, during class), I’ll try again tomorrow when im at home   in my own environment! It still wasn’t working at home, so why can’t I   publish my blog posts still?!

I have ruled out the option of it being the university computers   fault for not publishing my blogs because my home network won’t publish them   either.. What can I do to improve my skills?

I could;

  •   YouTube-“How to publish a blog on WordPress.”

If that doesn’t work I could…

  •   I’ll ask one of my friends at uni!


I went onto YouTube and searched “How to publish a blog on WordPress.”

The videos lead me through step by step how to post and publish a new   blog/ post. I did the instructions about three times over and I was still   confronted with the same issue.  IT”S   NOT PUBLISHING ONTO MY BLOG!!!!!



The next day I went to uni and Kate was the ultimate blog expert! SO I   opened up a computer and showed her my issue.


*face palm*, “Kayla, read what it says under finish publishing and  view your new post box…”

As I read;

 “Please, confirm your email   address to post your blogs on”


I thought to myself;

“That was so simple! Yet frustrating and now a little embarrassing…   BUT! My blogs are posting and publishing Woo!





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