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In today’s age kids are fully aware of the technologies our world has to offer them and they’re not afraid to explore and play with them until they figure out how they work and their benefits. The video below portrays a two year old child who can work and play with an iPad perfectly!

I can relate to this video with my now 9 year old cousin. By the age of 5 my cousin Sarah could send text messages off of her mother’s phone to mine saying; “Hello Kayla, it Sarah.” Although it’s only four words and grammatically incorrect as she misses an “is,” I was absolutely baffled at the fact that she was five and sending text messages to my phone, especially when I myself only discovered texting when I was 12 and was only allowed to text when I was 15. And to this day I can have full conversations through text message with my cousin who lives 4 hours away in Ipswich. I suppose though, I do thank technology for allowing me to do so as we rarely get the chance to visit each other due to distance. My aunty and uncle, however, have already been discussing the next technological issue they’re going to have to face next. Will they allow their daughter to get an online Facebook account, which they’re sure she’ll be asking for in the next 2-4 years!

This video and my own personal experience demonstrates the fast and ever-evolving world of technology around us. In today’s society you can give a two year old an IPad and I can guarantee that by the end of the day they’ll be teaching you things that you didn’t even know existed on the IPad! Crazy isn’t it!


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