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If students learn better using ICTs then why aren’t we using them?!

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This video is excellent! We are preparing students for the future, and our future involves ICTs, ICTs that aren’t even invented yet! We need to be preparing students for the future! And if students learn better in the classroom using ICTs we’re not only benefiting their learning experiences but preparing them for the future at the same time!


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  1. Reblogged this on Blog of Miss A. and commented:
    I found this video to be just as you said Kayla, excellent! Had to reblog it. In times like this where anything can change in a single moment students need to be given the opportunity to learn as much as they can in the best possible ways. As I watched I remembered trying to understand the concepts of DNA and the amount of paper and time it took to write down all the facts and still not understand. I wish I had the opportunity to learn the way this video suggests!

  2. I was looking for this video and I cannot believe you found it! It’s just fantastic and so engaging and clever!


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