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If you struggle with using ICTs, should the school you’re teaching at make allowances for you?

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Chris Betcher has a blog, which you can access through the link below this discussion, and believes that teacher’s should not be permitted allowances for not implementing or integrating Information Communication Technologies within their classrooms because they struggle to use them or simply dislike them.  I also agree with the statements that Chris brings to the reader’s attention.  

In an ever evolving technological society and as a sole source of education for children’s futures’ I believe and agree that it becomes the teacher’s responsibility to imbed ICTs into their lessons. Children must learn how to use these technologies as we prepare them for future careers involving various ICTs; ICTs and future careers that don’t even exist yet!

Chris states;

“I’m so tired of having the integration of technology into learning overlooked because it’s “too hard”.”

I also agree. Why should anyone have the right to disadvantage a child’s education because they can’t bothered to improve their technological skills and abilities. In an ever evolving society we should be continuously familiarizing ourselves with the most recent ICTs so that we can educate children of these new resources in a controlled and safely guided environment.

It personally infuriates me when a teacher refuses to keep themselves updated with the most recent ICTs as it will affect their students’ education. It’s like not familiarizing or teaching yourself algebra, which is a part of your students next mathematics unit, because you find it’s too difficult and you just couldn’t be bothered improving your mathematics skills and abilities to enhance the teaching and learning experience in class. I question, if the teacher won’t imbed ICTs into their lessons because they can’t be bothered to familiarize themselves with them, what other areas in the education systems and the Australian Curriculum do they lack in due to laziness and how badly are they disadvantaging their students’ education in all learning areas? In conclusion why should a school make an allowance for a teacher who can’t be bothered to update themselves with the latest technologies, ultimately disadvantaging a child’s education? As teachers, it’s our sole responsibility to prepare students for the future, a future that clearly involves a continual cycle of technologies.


Chris’ Blog:


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